C'est la vie
Hmm…about Benedict’s new project

It’s quite interesting that I indicated that Benedict’s NY Time photoshoot almost has an aura of a 30s Southern gentleman in a post about a month ago, and now he’s cast to play a southern plantation owner in 19th century? LoL~ Sometimes I surprise myself~~

Hmm…I guess most people are happy that Fassy and Ben are going to be in the same film; Tumblrs’ wet dreams come true; seriously I’d like to see them working together too, but I’m not sure if they will this time; their characters don’t seem to share scenes. Also, although there’s no further info as to how big Benedict’s role would be in the script, going by the nature of the story, I GUESS, purely guess, it’s probably more like his role in War Horse, so I suspect that he may not have a long shooting schedule in New Orleans, then well…I hope he enjoys the city while he’s there or after his part is wrapped up. And this time, I think I’m going to stay away and avoid the movie’s whole promotion until I see solid evidence that the movie’s production company and distributor pay him enough respect in terms of their marketing strategy, of course, provided that his part is big enough to even discuss such issue. Yes, Benedict doesn’t owe his fans anything more than his great performances, and it’s his fans voluntarily go all the way out to promo him and his projects, but I personally don’t think I would be able to endure the chaos and idiocy of the whole TTSS marketing by the movie’s UK and US production companies and distributors to happen again with Twelve Years A Slave. So, yeah, I’m definitely going to stay away from this movie as possible as I can.

Rant over.