C'est la vie


Weeell, that was to be expected, unfortunately. Really glad Andrew won. Really don’t want to deal with people flipping their shit.

Parade’s End is going to be a wig-snatcher; I’m pretty sure it was taken into consideration.

Yeah, not surprised at all. He just won the Olivier, I don’t think the industry (at least in the UK) will be so generous to push his reputation to the even higher peak. Besides, IMHO, the violin scenes lost some points for the whole team. He was robbed last year, yes, but he’s also the man of the moment; nothing will be easy for him after he reaches his super stardom; He’s becoming the UK’s Al Pacino. And, agreed, Parade’s End is definitely one of the considerations. Very glad for Andrew’s win, but tbh, that makes Ben’s lost even more laughable.